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Quality and Safety Concerns in Construction.

A) Quality Assurance

he company maintains it’s quality control equipment unit. It has his own staff to carry out the various tests .The company are maintaining the following tools and equipments to attend the various tests.

Quality Control Test Equipments


  1. 1) 90mm, 53mm, 45mm, 26.5mm, 22.5mm, 19mm, 13.2mm, 11.2mm,9.5mm, 4.75mm, 2.36mm, 425micron, 180 micron & 75micron
  2. 2) Heavy compact mould with hammer.
  3. 3) CBR Mould.
  4. 4) Liquid Limit.
  5. 5) Measuring Cylinder-100ml
  6. 6) G.I Steel tray.
  7. 7) Electric balance 60 kg capacity
  8. 8) Bitumen Extract machine.
  9. 9) Penetration apparatus
  10. 10) Softening point apparatus
  11. 11) Ductility Apparatus
  12. 12) Marshall stability Machine
  13. 13) Mix designing (Cube) (Compression Test)

Sand pouring cylinder with apparatus (Medium) -150 mm.

Sand (1mm passing 600 micron retain).

Cube mould-12 nos.

CTM- Compressing testing machine.

Stamp core with graduated stick.


For execution of above works safety measures are being implemented from the stage of design to testing. Engineering measures to strengthen the safety requirement at design stages is being taken up to achieve safe working environment during construction. Periodical meeting is being conducted between the Construction Department and Safety Unit / Organization to educate the work men and staff on safety measures during execution of work.

Further Personal Protective Equipments like safety helmets, safety belt, hand gloves, goggles, fall arrestor are provided wherever required during execution of work . Safety in use of handling tools and tackles is being taken during execution of work. Besides the above implementing Engineering Solution such as safe access to location of work is insisted.

Considering the nature of work and situation of work temporary arrangements are also being made at site. First Aid Box is provided at site to attend the patient immediately after occurrence of any injury.

The company has employed Safety Officer / Manager, Safety Supervisor, at work site to see that all type of safety measures are taken care. The Sr. Project Engineer is over all in-Charge of the work